Curbside Cart Placement

Looks Good!
good set out photogood set out photo

Great job on the set out location for these carts!  Notice the space between the waste and recycling cart and they are accessible to the collection crews.  Even a scooped out safe space for the cart.  Nice!

Setting carts in the street should only be done where on street parking is allowed, and where they can be safely placed and not impede traffic.

Needs Some Work!
bad set out photobad set out photo

Oops, these cart set outs need some work.  Please make sure the carts are not buried in snow, are sitting upright, and can be accessed by the collection crews.

Material must be placed inside the cart with the lid closed for it to be collected.  Clear an area for the cart to sit and make it accessible to the collection crew so they don’t have to lift the carts over snowbanks.

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