Waste Collection Information

Waste Collection Regulations

Let’s talk waste.

Did you know state and federal mandates limit the types of waste (remember: garbage + yardwaste = waste) you can include in your waste cart? The main things to remember are:

  • Place your carts at your collection point (it’s directly at the curb or roadway for most homes) before 6:00AM on your collection day.
  • Carts must be within five feet of your collection point (usually the curb).
  • Leave some space between your Waste cart, and your recycle cart.
  • The lid of the cart must be closed.
  • Please remove your cart from the curb by 10:00AM the next morning.

Need more information? The two sections of the Omaha Municipal Code that relate to solid waste are available as Acrobat documents through the following two links Chapter 33, ARTICLE II, Division 1, Section 33, Items 21-30 and Chapter 33, ARTICLE II, Division 2, Section 33, Items 41-49.

What Goes In My Waste Cart?

  • Garbage (items that cannot be recycled)


  • Yardwaste (no need to bag your yardwaste)


  • Black lid Waste Cart

Do NOT include

  • Rocks, Dirt or Concrete (The cart’s weight limit is 355lb.)

No Food graphic

  • Liquids (of any type)

  • Tires or Large Auto Parts (of any type)

  • No Tires

  • Bulky Items (of any type)

  • Loose Cat Litter (or loose pet waste)

  • Lawn Chemicals (of any type)

  • Nothing Damaging (like hot coals)


  • Set your carts too close together – they need to be about 3 feet apart
  • Set your carts to near other things like mailboxes or light poles
  • Place items outside or on top of your cart
  • Have items sticking out of your cart – you must be able to close the lid completely
  • Exceed the 355-pound weight limit­ of the 96-gallon cart
  • Leave your cart on the curb between collection days

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  • Place your waste cart at your collection point before 6AM.
  • Leave three feet of space between your waste and recycling carts.
  • Waste and recycling carts must be removed from the curb by 10AM the day after collection.

How to Prepare Other Items for Collection

Waste Truck

Remember: Place your cart directly at the curb or roadway for most homes before 6:00am on your collection day.   Cart must be within 5 feet of the collection point (usually the curb).

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2023 Collection

Tons of Garbage Collected: 140,977
Cost to Dispose at Landfill: $4.1M

Waste Less – Recycle More!


Wasteline Publication—Fall 2023 EditionThumbnail-cover of Fall 2023 issue of Wasteline

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