Cart Size Change Requests

Photo of large and small carts together I Want to Change My Cart Size

For most households a 96-gallon cart is the appropriate size to collect waste (garbage + yardwaste = waste) weekly and recycling every other week.  This container size even works at times when you produce more waste and recycling than usual—like holidays, parties, and cleaning out.  Remember also, that during the growing season the cart will be used for yardwaste except for the material you place in paper yardwaste bags and pay for the stickers when necessary.

But if you are certain the 96-gallon cart is too large for your needs, you may switch to a 48-gallon cart for one or both of your carts.

A Tip:  If one cart isn’t enough for either your waste or recycling click here

Changing your cart size is not something you should take lightly.  Each household is only allowed to change cart size once per year.  If you need to change before that year is up, there must be a major life event with proof (e.g. marriage, divorce, birth).  Without one of these life events making an early swap will come at an expense for you.  For the current price click here.  Residents with a vehicle large enough to transport a cart are allowed to self swap a cart prior to the year anniversary.

It’s Easy!

Just complete the form located here.  The form predicts and suggests addresses as you type.   Give the system time to react as you type.  Choose carefully!  The form will open in a new tab.  Close the tab to return here.

If you’re shy about completing an online form, you have the option of calling the solid waste help line and we will enter the request for you.  Just call 402-444-5238 weekdays from 8am to 7:30pm, or Saturdays from 8am to Noon.

When Can I Expect My Cart to be Changed?

FCC will contact you with information about when the swap will occur.  Your existing cart will need to be empty, outside, and available for pickup.

NOTE:  Be sure to answer the call (it’s an 877 number), or return the message.  Otherwise your swap will be delayed or won’t occur. 

Compare the Carts

Besides being half the volume, here is the difference in the dimensions—

96-Gallon Cart — 29 3⁄4″w x 35 3⁄4″d x 43 1⁄4″h (empty weight 35 pounds, load rating 335 pounds)
48-Gallon Cart — 23 1⁄2″w x 28 3⁄4″d x 37 1⁄2″h (empty weight 24 pounds, load rating 168 pounds)

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