Big Family? No Problem!

If you have a large family of 5 or more and generate more than will fit in the waste and recycling carts, don’t worry!  You can receive an extra 96-gallon waste cart or recycling cart, no cost to you.

Just complete the registration form here: Application for Large Family Extra Service Cart or call 402-444-5238 to have the form mailed to you.

Three important things—

  • Your form must be notarized before submitting.
  • The extra service cart will be blue and branded with the FCC logo because the City pays extra for this service.
  • You must accept and use both the City issued waste and recycling carts to qualify for the large family extra cart

Don’t have a big family?

Do you just need and extra cart and don’t have the large family to go with it?  FCC will lease you the extra carts you need.  Additional 96-gallon waste carts are $91 per year and recycling carts are $45.50 per year.

To lease a cart e-mail  They will need to know your service address, name, phone, type of cart wanted (waste or recycle), quantity of carts.

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