Waste Collection Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, you can set out both weeks as long as it fits within your cart.

The contractor is not responsible for litter in the area prior to their arrival.

This is considered theft of City property and should be reported to the non-emergency police number at 402-444-5600. It helps if you have a good description of the person, their vehicle and license plate number.

Six holidays are observed by the collection contractor and affect the collection schedule of all material, recycling, garbage and yardwaste. When holidays occur during the work week collection is delayed by one day for the remainder of that week, with the regularly scheduled Friday collection occurring on Saturday. View our holiday schedule » An e-mail reminders service about the holiday collection schedule is available. To register click here.

No.  We consider those things household garbage because they have a lot of wire, twine and other decorations incorporated into them.  

While it’s not required, we highly encourage you to bag your garbage just like you used to. Now any type of bag will do — store carryout bags, store bought kitchen bags or black bags. The bags help keep your cart clean, which prevents it from emitting odors and attracting pests. And it helps prevent litter on those extremely windy Nebraska days. Yardwaste doesn’t need to be bagged when it’s in the cart.  We also recommend that you put a bag of garbage in the cart first (yardwaste alone has a tendency to pack in tight and not fall out).

You CANNOT use your old garbage cans for waste that doesn’t fit in your waste cart, but you CAN lease an additional 96-gallon waste cart from FCC Environmental. There is an annual cost for the leased cart. It must be paid in advance and includes delivery. Also, if your home has more than five family members living in it, the City of Omaha will provide you with an additional 96-gallon waste (or recycling) cart at no cost to you.  You must accept and use both the waste and recycling cart to qualify for the large family additional cart. There is a registration form for this service available at wasteline.org/mycart, or call 402-444-5238 for the form to be mailed to you.

There’s a plan for that! For six weeks in the spring and six weeks in the fall (the peak times for generating yardwaste), a separate yardwaste only truck will come around on collection day and pick up paper yardwaste bags at no extra charge for the service. They will pick up paper yardwaste bags only; no cans or plastic bags. During the rest of the year, you have to purchase yardwaste stickers for your yardwaste paper bags.  Each bag must have its own sticker. For a list of stores where you can purchase these stickers, https://www.wasteline.org/yardwaste-sticker-locations/

No. The recycling cart is for recycling only and it is important to not contaminate the contents with other wastes. Repeated misuse of the recycling cart may result in it being removed.

YES! Starting the week of November 30, you can’t use anything but the carts provided. No garbage cans and no green bins. You can’t use look-alike carts, either. By look-alike, we mean carts that retailers sell that look like the City of Omaha’s new collection carts. The big difference? They aren’t marked with the official City of Omaha seal. FCC Environmental WILL NOT collect your waste and recyclables if you don’t place them in the carts you received from the City of Omaha. It’s that simple!

An occasional rinse with a hose is all that should be needed to keep it clean and free from attracting pests.

If you can repurpose your old garbage can, that would be great!

You can also place your old garbage can in the black lid waste cart if you can still close the cart’s lid.

Yes. Some retailers sell carts that look like the City of Omaha’s new collection carts. The big difference? They aren’t marked with the official City of Omaha seal. FCC Environmental WILL NOT collect your waste and recyclables if you don’t place them in the carts you received from the City of Omaha. It’s that simple.

The new wheeled carts help automate the collection process, which will increase collection efficiency and help avoid worker injury. It standardizes the collection so everyone gets an equal and fair amount. Most cities Omaha’s size have already transitioned to an automated collection system. It’s time to join them and enjoy the benefits of a modernized system.

The new waste collection vehicles have a mechanism that lifts the carts and dumps the contents into the truck. Where possible, the collection will be completed without a worker outside the cab of the truck — again, for efficiency and safety.

The week of November 30, 2020 and no sooner! Your collection day won’t change. For example, if your collection day is Thursday, your waste cart will be collected Thursday, December 3 and every Thursday after that. Your recycling cart will be collected every other week according to your current schedule. If you are unsure of your collection day and recycling week, visit doc.wasteline.org.

The time has not changed. Your carts should be put out before 6:00AM on your collection day. You must remove your carts by 10:00AM the day after your collection day.

Carts should be placed directly at the curb or roadway and AT LEAST three feet apart from each other or other objects (like trees, mailboxes, lamp posts and parked cars) so the mechanism on the truck can reach each cart. The cart handle should be toward your house.

If cars park in front or there are objects in the way, the truck driver will determine if they need to get out of the truck and move the cart so that they can empty it.

FCC is collecting until 7:00 PM each day.  Any missed collections should be reported to the City’s Solid Waste Helpline, 402-444-5238.

All City of Omaha carts have a serial number and an electronic RFID tag, so the carts that were delivered to your home have been “assigned” to your address. If your cart is found in another location, it can be returned to the address it was assigned to – yours! If we don’t know where it is, you will also likely be referred to the Police Department’s non-emergency number to report a minor property crime.

If your cart is stolen please follow these steps.

Step 1: File a police report. Online at https://police.cityofomaha.org/incident-form or call the non-emergency number (402) 444-4877.

Step 2: Once you have your police report number then call us at 402-444-5238.


Stolen Cart Information


You are responsible for protecting (and not abusing) your carts. In the case of damage due to normal wear and tear, your cart will be repaired at no cost to you. Be smart about what you place in your cart. If, for example, you put hot coals in your cart, you will have to pay for its repair or replacement. To report a damaged cart, please call 402-444-5238.

If you have five or more family members in your home, you can be provided with an additional 96-gallon cart at no charge. For more information click here, or to have the form mailed to you call 402-444-5238. 
For all other situations, FCC Environmental will lease households an additional 96-gallon cart for an annual fee. To lease a cart, email omaha@fccenvironmental.com and include your name, address, phone number, and type of cart wanted. If you have questions, call 402-444-5238.

Great question! The carts have been “assigned” to your address, so you simply leave them at your old home. Carts will be waiting for you at your new home — good luck with the move!

Nothing can be placed outside of carts other than yardwaste bags and bundles, and lids on the carts must be able to fully close.

The Oma-Gro facility, 15705 Harlan Lewis Road in Bellevue, also accepts yard waste.

If you want yardwaste picked up that does not fit in your waste cart you will need a yardwaste sticker for each brown bag. Please read the rules on the sticker for proper placement.

NO, do not paint or damage your new carts. Each cart is equipped with an electronic chip that ties the cart to the residence where it was delivered. If you move homes, the carts stay behind.

Yes, but the city is asking people to try out the 96-gallon carts for three months. At that time, you can request carts that are half the size of the big ones.

The city also offers a program for people who need assistance with their waste collection. Residents who are 70 or older, or have a verified medical need, can request that crews collect their carts from a location of their choice — near their house, for example.

People interested in the program can call 402-444-5238 to register.

Families of five or more can request an extra trash or recycling cart at no cost. To get one, you must fill out a form, get it notarized and send it to the city.

All the information about the yardwaste stickers may be found here:  https://www.wasteline.org/yard-waste-information/yardwaste-sticker-locations/

Yes, the driver will get out and move the cart so that they can pick it up with the truck arms. Do your best to space the carts 18 inches apart on the side of the road or in the area between the road and the sidewalk. It is best to have 18 inches around all sides of the carts so that the arms on the truck can pick up the carts without any problems.

You may lease an extra cart from FCC.  There is an annual fee for this.  You will make the request by email to omaha@fccenvironmental.com

Collections will remain in the same area you placed the carts in the past.

Yes.  The original copy that was advertised is available by clicking here.

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