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The City’s contract with FCC Environmental began on November 30, 2020, and will be in effect for 10 years. Beyond the initial 10-year term, there is the option of two 5-year extensions.  The Yardwaste collection contract is for one 5-year term and there is an option for an additional 5-year extension.

The prices that FCC Environmental bid are adjusted annually based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) data from the United States Government Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).  The adjusted prices take effect in April each year.

CPI indexed prices for 2023 are:

  • City Paid standard service per cart set: $ 13.33 per month.
  • City Paid yardwaste season per residential unit: $ 5.82 per six-week season.
  • City Paid Special Collection service: $ 8.29 per month in addition to standard service cost.
  • Resident Fault cart replacement: $ 64.71 per cart billed to the resident for 96-gallon cart.
  • Resident Fault cart replacement: $ 62.30 per cart billed to the resident for 48-gallon cart.
  • Yardwaste stickers: $ 2.38 each and are good for the year issued and the following year.
  • Garbage cart lease: $ 109.24 per year charged by FCC to the resident.
  • Recycle cart lease: $ 54.61 per year charged by FCC to the resident.
  • Cost to swap carts more frequently than once per year: $50.00 per incident for one or two carts paid by resident to FCC
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