Fireworks Disposal

Photo of fireworks litterLet’s remember some things about proper fireworks disposal.

Fireworks are not recyclable.  They are garbage, and will go in the black lid cart once it is safe to do so.  If you have any dud fireworks, or others that didn’t get set off, the Omaha Police Department typically has a amnesty day that follows Independence Day.

Don’t melt your cart!  The carts are City property and if you burn, melt, or damage the cart, you will have to pay to have it replaced. Fireworks should be completely out before you dispose of them.  Time, and wetting them before disposal will help ensure they are out. Keep Omaha Beautiful wrote an extensive guide to proper and safe fireworks disposal.  It’s available by clicking here.

Don’t burn your house!  Every year house fires occur from improper disposal of fireworks.  Keep your family and pets safe by keeping fireworks waste away from your home.  Ideally, place spent fireworks in a metal container away from your house for a night or two after you cleanup.

Cleaning up fireworks litterCleanup after your celebration!  Let’s all work to keep our neighborhoods, streets, and waterways free of fireworks waste.  Sweep up the small debris, and after it has had time to cool, place in your black lid waste cart.

Within the city limits of Omaha, fireworks may be lawfully discharged beginning July 2 and through July 4, NOON to 11PM each day. (OMC 20-320)

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