2021 Recycling Numbers


Photo of Mayor Stothert with a green lid recycling cart

When it comes to recycling, how are we doing as a city? One of the best ways to monitor our progress is to look at the numbers. Take a look at some of our recycling statistics from 2021:

  • Number of full service recycling drop-off sites: 6
  • Number of times mixed recyclables dumpsters emptied: 3,167
  • Number of tons of mixed recyclables collected: 22,776
  • Number of tons recycled: 24,899
  • Cost to provide recycling drop-off sites: $464,311.60
  • Cost avoided from landfilling by recycling: $656,094.18
  • Number of glass only drop-off site: 2
  • Number of times glass recycling dumpsters emptied: 599
  • Number of tons of glass recyclables collected: 2,123
  • Cost to provide glass recycling drop-off sites: $97,528

It’s a start, but we can do better. For tips, view our brochure.

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