I decorated for halloween with the orange plastic pumpkin bags full of leaves. Can I leave them that way and get them collected?

You may place the plastic pumpkin bags inside your waste cart, however we recommend placing the leaves loose in your waste cart so you can fit more in the cart. We also recommend that you put a bag of garbage in the cart first (yardwaste alone has a tendency to pack in tight and not fall out).  Plastic bags of yard waste outside the cart are not accepted.

There’s a plan for yardwaste bags! For six weeks in the spring and six weeks in the fall (the peak times for generating yardwaste), a separate yardwaste only truck will come around on collection day and pick up paper yardwaste bags at no extra charge for the service. They will pick up paper yardwaste bags only; no cans or plastic bags. During the rest of the year, you have to purchase yardwaste stickers for your yardwaste paper bags. The cost is $2 per sticker, and each bag must have its own sticker. For a list of stores where you can purchase these stickers, visit wasteline.org/mycart.

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